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OIANTU[Academic] General Courses in English

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Dear students,

Greetings from NTU!!!

Assuming that you have started browsing courses offered in NTU for the coming semester, we recommend you to check the following general courses conducted in English.

The NTU general courses are designed to establish human subjectivity in order to complete one of self-liberation, and to establish the inter-subjectivity relationship between the humanities and the natural environments where humans live. Under the concept, NTU further provides a few general and liberal courses conducted in English that would be suitable for international students to learn more about Taiwan, to have discussion on global issue with local students, and to broaden academic interests. Below are the courses information for reference.

For students who have difficulty searching for and selecting courses, we have collected the course information along with instructions for course selection on the website below to assist international students to find the courses of interest.



Center for International Education

Office of International Affairs

國際事務處國際教育中心 謹啟


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