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International Week 2012

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Dear Presidents and Vice- Presidents

Here comes the information of the “International Week” for next semester

2012.4.29 International Week (booths selling traditional food and beverage)

2012.5.02 KTV Contest

2012.5.03 International Night

This is a great opportunity to collaborate in holding these exciting events! Meanwhile you can enhance the friendship between the board member and even get some extra money from selling food! And the most important thing is that you can present your own culture to whole NTU!

It you are interested, please reply me before Feb 19 and please arrange the time and the responsible board member to attend the first meeting held at 18:00 @ The Fifth Conference Room on Feb.24.

Thank you for your cooperation and may you have a great Chinese New Year!

Best Regards,

Lily Hsu (Ms.), 徐慧玲


International Student Division

"Forgetting the things which are behind, and streching forward to the things which are before..."

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